Stamping concrete is a great way to enhance its appeal, both visually and tactilely. When also colored, stamped concrete provides an elegant and comfortable surface.

Concrete is stamped by pressing stamps -- that is, rubber molds -- into its surface, so that the concrete takes on the texture and shape of the stamps. By using stamps, the concrete can be made to look like pavers, stones, slate, or something unique.

There are several advantages to using stamped concrete rather than pavers, stones, or slate. First, stamped concrete is quite durable, for a patio or sidewalk made of stamped concrete is typically one unbroken slab, even if it looks like many small pavers. Stamped concrete also allows for styles or colors that would be difficult to achieve otherwise. Finally, using stamped concrete is often less expensive than using other methods to provide a similar look.

The following stamps are available:




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