Chris tossing color hardener.

Color can contribute a great deal to concrete's appeal, especially when combined with a stamp pattern.

We use several methods to color concrete. Integral coloring can be mixed into the concrete while it's still in the truck. It is most appropriate when multiple surfaces will be visible, such as on stairs or walls. Color hardener can be tossed onto the surface of the concrete and worked in while the concrete is wet. One advantage of color hardener is that it strengthens the surface of the concrete, making it ideal for flat slabs such as patios or sidewalks. Acid staining can be used to color both new and existing concrete. It results in a varied, stone-like appearance. Dyed sealer can also be used to color existing concrete. Sprayed onto the surface of the concrete, it can enhance or vary existing color, or it can add a new color.

When applying stamps to colored concrete, several kinds of release can be used, resulting in either a consistent color or an antiqued look. Clear, liquid release prevents the concrete from sticking to the stamps, but leaves the color uniform. It is sprayed lightly onto both the concrete and the stamps. Colored, liquid release is also sprayed onto the concrete and stamps, and it flows into the crevices and contours of the newly-stamped concrete. This makes the release's color stronger there, resulting in an antiqued look. Colored, powdered release also makes the concrete look antique. It is sprinkled onto the concrete and pressed in with the stamps. Since the powder is pressed deeper in the low spots than in the high spots, when the excess powder is power-washed off the next day, more remains in the low spots than in the high spots.

Concrete can be colored with a great variety of colors and combinations. However, due to differing monitor setups, we have found it unhelpful to list them online. Instead, please contact us for a color chart.

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